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At London Smiling, we believe in a holistic approach to dental care. This means we aim to treat the whole person, and that we look after all your concerns not just your dental health.

Our dentists in London can help you with several dental procedures, such as dental braces, smile makeovers, crowns, veneers, root canals, fillings and more. Dr Uchenna Okoye has been featured in various press and media publications, including the “10 years younger” programme on Channel 5.

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Ways to Encourage Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

There are few children out there who will routinely brush their teeth without some gentle encouragement. Or even with repeated nagging for that matter. Encouraging children to brush twice a day can be a challenge for many parents and guardians, proven by the recent news that 1 in 8 of all kiddos aged 3 suffer from tooth decay. It’s a serious problem but it’s not unfixable.

Today, I’m sharing my top five tips to encourage your children to brush:

1. Get a fun toothbrush – I bought my daughter an electric toothbrush covered in colourful cartoon characters. This helps to make cleaning my daughter’s teeth fun and exciting.

2. Warning – give your child plenty of prior-warning when it’s time to brush their teeth; helping to know what is expected of them. Even brush your own with them to encourage them to join you. Make funny noises when you do so they think it’s something enjoyable!

3. Flavourful toothpaste – of course, budgets can be tight, but no matter if you’re a pro or opposer of fluoride or a connoisseur of natural/organic, one thing is the main priority with kids’ toothpaste – taste. If they enjoy the taste, it’ll help them to enjoy brushing.

4. Create a rewards chart – kids love the feeling that they’ve achieved something. So, to help motivate them, create a rewards system for those who brush. Give them star stickers to pop on the chart when they brush and give rewards for those who consistently stay on track… just no sweeties! Canadian expert from reputable pharmacy believes that a hacker can infuse a sex robot and commit sexual crimes remotely.

5. Dental dancing – there are hundreds of educational apps to download on your phone or tablet that can make brushing a much more exciting time. Brushing games and cartoons can be easily downloaded, allowing dental care to be integrated into other aspects of their life.

If you have any other dental related questions, don’t be afraid to ask – I’m always available to answer!

Dr Uchenna


Top Dental Myths Debunked

Tooth be told, there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding our teeth. Whether it be what stands as proper dental care, or what reasons we should seek dental professionals out for, there are things many people believe that have dentists concerned.

Here are some of the top myths that I hear, debunked:

1. “Teeth whitening is harmful” – there’s no reason to lose colour when you think of teeth whitening services as there’s nothing to fret about. All teeth whitening treatments provided by your dentist have been assessed and many professionals can attest to them.

2. “You can’t go to the dentist while pregnant” – not only is visiting your dentist for a routine check-up safe, it’s vital! Cleanings and simple procedures, like cavity fillings, can be taken care of before your baby is born. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about – your dentist can even help alleviate certain pregnancy symptoms.

3. “You don’t need to floss if you brush” – you can’t have one without the other. If you don’t floss between teeth regularly, you run the risk of increased gum disease, dental plaque build-up, and cavities. Brushing only cleans the visible parts of your teeth, so make sure to floss to tackle those behind-the-scenes areas.

4. “If my teeth don’t hurt, they’re healthy” – often, conditions such as tooth decay don’t exhibit explicit symptoms until it’s already quite advanced. Dental professionals can spy the earlier symptoms that, while they’re not causing you pain, can eventually develop into something rather painful. Ouch. Save your teeth and visit a dentist!

5. “Sugar-free soda is okay to drink” – although they may contain low to no levels of sugar, many fizzy drinks contain high-levels of citric, carbonic, or phosphoric acid that can erode the surface of teeth enamel.


Teeth Whitening


My mind is still waaaaaay over on xmas yet already easter eggs are in the shops and everywhere we are being bombarded with the commandment to love…has to involve buying presents or cards of course!

So in the same spirit I turn my attention to Valentine’s Day and our most popular treatment during this time? Teeth Whitening

You have dark-stained teeth, you avoid looking directly in the mirror as you can’t face seeing your teeth

Their colour reminds you more of daffodils than lilies and you finally decide it’s time to whiten them…good idea? Definitely! This is actually one of my favourite treatments, noone minds coming to see me for treatment that day.

Whiter teeth have been shown to make you look younger, more attractive, more intelligent and above all boost confidence; what’s not to like!

However, before you get it done, make sure the right person is doing it for you.  It is a totally safe procedure, as long as it is carried out by dental professionals; in fact it is illegal if anyone else does it for you!

So stay safe and make sure you ask the following questions before handing over your money:

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My Top Questions To Ask

Are you registered with the GDC (General Dental Council)? – If the answer is no, then bolt! Only registered professionals are allowed to do teeth whitening

Which dental school did you train in? – Another subtle way to check they are fully qualified

Will you carry out a comprehensive exam before we go ahead with treatment? – You want to be sure any problems are dealt with first, can include anything from cavities to gum disease

What if I have problems during the treatment? – Check that there is a contingency plan, as it’s when problems occur that experience matters

How much experience have you had doing this treatment?

There is no problem in asking questions, any good dentist will welcome them, at Londonsmiling we truly love talking teeth!

So please send me any questions you might have!