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10 years Younger New Series

Hi Everyone

The new series of 1o years younger starts tonight and I am soo excited!


Each programme will be a challenge featuring two people who are old before their time. One goes under the knife using every cosmetic enhancement trick in the book to roll back the years; whilst the other goes the surgery-free route – no knife or needles, but the key thing is EVERYONE gets their teeth done. Why? Because the lower third of the face has been shown to be the most ageing, if we change that, and teeth is the major feature here, we roll back the years.  This is really obvious when you look at the non surgical cases.

The first show is one of the best I think with regards to how stunning the transformation

So tune in at a new time slot airing at 5pm every week night for two weeks starting on Monday 2nd August 2010.

If you miss it then you can watch it here on 4oD

Please let me have have your feedback and come back to see more posts with the before and after pictures



7 Responses

  1. Beverley Gore says:

    Hi…. i will be on the TV on 10th Aug on 10yy and am really excited to see the result from the other side… I would like to say that my veneers that you fitted are going well and still looking good…. I smile so much more since you gave me ‘sexy teeth’… thank you
    Beverley Gore xx

  2. Sarah Melandri nee Saunders says:

    You looked great and loved the new way of getting impressions youve come a long way from the Ursuline and those biology lesson……

  3. Diane Anderson says:


    On 10 years younger tonight, 9th August 2010, there was a lady having a new type of brace placed in her mouth to straighten her teeth.

    I have researched the internet, but cannot find this brace that fixes you teeth in 6 to 8 weeks as stated by your presenter on the show.

    Would you be kind enough to let me know its name and details as to where, if possible, I could find out more information on it please?



    • uchenna says:

      Hi Diane,
      The brace is called an Inman Aligner and it is a very straightforward treatment I carry out at the practice. I will be posting a blog with more information about it next week and you can also go to this website for more…http://www.inmanaligner.com/
      Do let me know if I can answer any other questions

  4. Sue Courtney says:

    Uchenna, your work is amazing! I fell and smashed my teeth as a child, I am now 53 and have always been really conscious about my front four teeth, three crowns and one bridge.My dentist is very nice but the NHS teeth are always sent away to a lab to be made and look very unatural to me. What would be a rough estimate from you for cost to replace please, if this is possible to do?

  5. Sue Courtney says:

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  6. Barbara Turner says:

    Hi Uchenna
    Just to let you know that I’ve been loving the 10
    Yyrs Younger programmes. I’m 43 and had some orthodontic stuff done a year ago or so – I wore a brace for 3 months and straightened some of my front teeth – very pleased with the results. I was particularly interested in the ‘at home whitening’ treatment you arranged for one of the ladies. I was very impressed with results and wondered what the treatment was and where I can get it?
    Many thanks



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