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Uchenna’s top 3 skincare tips


I have just had a follow up consultation with the wonderful dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting and I leave learned a lot from her over the past year.  Check her out on www.drsambunting.com

I am actually really lazy when it comes to looking after my skin but as I get older I recognise how important it is as I definitely do not intend to be one of those that age gracefully!

I don’t know about you but winter has really taken a toll on my skin but I try my best to keep it moisturised and protected which I have noticed really pays off. I can’t wait for these cold winds to leave my skin alone and instead bless it with some sunlight but remember SPF doesn’t just protect your skin from getting sun burnt it also protects your skin from pollution and other harmful free radicals which all can lead to premature ageing. So the key here is to remember that sun cream isn’t just for the beach, add it to your daily skincare routine all year around and your skin will be thanking you!

This leads me to my next skincare tip – a regular, daily skincare routine. I know, just like with brushing your teeth it can sometimes be a pain and you’d rather just hit the bed straight away but this is a BIG no no! Sleeping with makeup on, or even just not making your skincare routine an occurring thing can create an imbalance in your skin. Also, to see any results from anti-ageing products or the like you must use them continuously.

Now this one many seem to underestimate but too little sleep is a big reason for breakouts and dull looking skin. I know it’s difficult with busy work schedules, children and much more but a good night’s sleep does wonders to your skin and it’s FREE 😉

I hope you all have a wonder weekend, until next time…

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