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My Fave Fashion Trends this Spring

So I know we’ve recently had the coldest weather for years hit London, it even snowed but I just can’t wait for it to be spring! Springtime is a time of hope – longer days, more sunshine, a glimpse of summer, so many reasons to smile more!

It’s also a time when I start thinking more about fashion, not just about the warmest coat! So I’ve been taking notice of the trends popping up recently…

Yellow was a colour seen on many catwalks and although it can be terrifying to add to your wardrobe I’m going to give it a shot after seeing the lovely ladies’ outfits below. I mean, Julianne Moore in that almost neon colour is mesmerising!  I think if you’re afraid of looking like a banana J by wearing yellow from top to toe you could give your black outfit a pick-me-up with a yellow bag, scarf or some cute shoes instead.

When I’m not treating patients and I’ve got a day off, a comfortable and perfectly-fitting pair of jeans are a must! I’m loving the jeans on jeans look at the moment.

Now black and white is always a classic and a look I tend to go for and therefore I’m glad it’s a trend I’ve spotted a lot recently. I’m going to try to mix it up a bit with bold patterns like the always fashionable Olivia Palermo. If you haven’t noticed already, she’s rocking all three of my favourite trends and this is no surprise as she’s constantly praised for being one of the world’s best dressed women. I know she’s young and modelesque but she’s a great fashion inspiration, Google her!

Until next time…

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