Celebrating Pain-Free Dentistry on National Toothache Day

The 9th February is National Toothache Day, and to the many London Smiling guests that have sat in my dental chair over the years, it’s one of the greatest gifts in dentistry to be able to stop someone’s pain, and toothache can be truly unbearable.

My mantra at London Smiling has always been pain-free dentistry and this extends into making sure guests have access to appointments so they don’t have to wait if struggling with toothache and we have invested in the latest technology and treatment options to make sure we can provide pain-free dentistry. 

Toothache can range from dull and constant to sharp and throbbing.  Many people complain about tooth pain when eating or right before going to bed, but a toothache can happen any time.

Most of the time, people don’t know why their tooth is hurting or where exactly the pain is coming from. Understanding the type of pain you’re experiencing is one of the first steps in determining what’s causing the pain. 

Finding ways to deal with toothache before you are able to get in to see the team here at London Smiling is important and as you are aware we have an emergency telephone contact number if you do ever need help and this message is always on our London Smiling answer machines.

In the first instance I would suggest the following:

• Swirl warm salty water around the mouth
• Take analgesics, Ibuprofen  is often best  as an anti-inflammatory if you can tolerate it
• If the tooth/filling is broken as an interim you can pick up dental repair kits from the pharmacy and also there are products such as GC Tooth Mouse that  will help with sensitivity

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There are other warnings signs that you need to book in to see your dentist such as :

Any pain, any roughness
Swelling in the gums or mouth
Any ulcer or sore spot not healed after 3-4 weeks
Anything unusual in your mouth is important to get checked

Book in for your regular oral evaluations and hygiene visit as tooth decay is the number one cause of toothache. 

Any problems myself and the team are here to help you please do call us if you need anything at all.


With Kindness

Dr Uchenna Okoye

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