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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover London

Research has shown that a beautiful smile will make you appear more intelligent, interesting, successful and wealthy to others as well.

When questioned 76% of people don’t feel confident to smile in a photograph 48% of people make judgments about people by the look of their smile 77% of people think it helps psychologically 67% of people think smiles help romantically.

A Smile Makeover can take as little as two visits to complete. The procedure starts with a comprehensive smile analysis after which together with our Cosmetic Dentist a plan is designed to achieve the most beautiful, natural looking smile for you. Often this will involve crafting individual.

As you are unique at London Smiling we assess several factors that impact on the outcome of your smile.

Components in designing your perfect smile

Face shape: The shape of your face will affect the chosen shape of the teeth. If your face is round, we would create long, square-shaped teeth will ultimately have a slimming affect on your face.

If you are concerned about lines, we can minimize wrinkles by building-out the veneers, providing more support for the skin and so reducing the lines.

Tooth size: Longer teeth are synonymous with youth, whereas older teeth are shorter because of years of wear and tear. For a more youthful appearance, veneers are made longer creating the appearance of younger face.

Skin tone: Your new smile should not be obvious, it should blend in with your face, just enhancing your natural good looks! For this reason, we consider your skin tone in deciding the final colour of your smile. If you have fair skin for example, we would choose a much lighter colour of veneers to show a natural contrast.  This is part of the skill and artistry of our Cosmetic Dental experts.

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Dr Uchenna Okoye gives her expert advice on how to keep your teeth in perfect condition.

Video Transcript
“A smile makeover is basically creating the ideal smile for somebody, using certain principles about the shape and the size and length of teeth, to create a smile that’s in harmony with their face, with their lifestyle and just make them look and feel great.

A smile makeover should be unique and individual to each person, whether it’s changing silver fillings to white fillings, giving somebody teeth whitening, right through to full mouth reconstruction, giving implants, veneers, crowns, basically whatever it takes to give you the perfect smile you deserve.

For most of my clients, a smile makeover results in a radical change in their confidence and their lifestyle. If you’re used to constantly putting your head down or covering your mouth with your hands, and suddenly you’ve got a fabulous smile, it makes such a difference. And whether we like it or not, first impressions count and a great smile seriously makes a difference.

The most common worry is that it’s going to look fake, and I completely agree. It can look fake, but that’s where the experience comes in. As much as I want everyone to admire the work I’ve done, my job has been well done if people can’t tell you’ve been done, if they’re looking at you and they’re thinking “have you changed your hair style, lost some weight?”. I don’t want them to say “ohh great teeth!”

A smile makeover is an investment. One of my clients describes it as making the choice between buying a new car or a new smile. He was wise, he chose the smile. But basically, we’ve got payment plans to make it affordable, just as you would if you were buying a car. It’s such a worthwhile investment in yourself.

If you were to ask any of my clients, “was it worth it”, every single one of them would say yes. In fact, the usual response is “why did I wait so long”.

To see the transformations in people after it’s been done, the change in their confidence, their energy, it’s just amazing. I just love my job!”

Smile Makeover Testimonials

My teeth were so ugly. I was ashamed to smile I was extremely conscious of them. Then…. along came Uchenna! And I haven’t stopped smiling since! Words cannot explain what you have done to me!! My teeth are fantastic!  God bless and thank you! —Janine Fairfax

When Uchenna first mentioned she wanted to give me a new smile, I was very apprehensive about the extent of the treatment to my upper teeth. I needn’t have been. The lengthy first session was nowhere near as daunting as I had imagined – even with my strong gagging reflex – and the end result was just great. A lot of people have commented on how good and different I look. Even other dentists that I’ve met – socially – have asked me who does my teeth, and even which laboratory Uchenna uses. Go for it! —David Sands

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the rest of your team for the dental treatment so far. I know that my bridge work was in need of an ‘upgrade’, but the fear of going through hours of restorative work did put me off. However, you said you would be very patient and understanding during the course of treatment, and indeed you were. I am so glad that I finally took the plunge, because my smile is so, so much better than it was…and all of my family and friends think so too. I know that we still have a way to go before the work is finally complete, but I am no longer worried; in fact, I’m positively looking forward to getting back into the chair! If there is anyone who is still undecided to go through with the treatment because of trepidation or fear, then I can wholeheartedly say that there’s nothing to worry about; and the results are amazing. —Natalie Warrior

The best ever. I am overwhelmed by the change and effect it has had on me – specifically my smile and increased confidence. Excellent – Isabel and Uchenna – you’re fab! It’s been an incredible journey/partnership and I have really enjoyed it (strange though it may sound). I’m going to miss that Mozart CD Uchenna! Low confidence because top teeth were malformed and badly stained plus very short. Worth every penny because of how it’s made me feel. Huge amount of work so I expected to pay however looking at it over 10-15 years it’s very cost effective! Thank you! —Danielle

I had small teeth that had worn down quite far. The treatment was comfortable and I would recommend this to friends and family… My new smile has changed my life, I am more confident. I sum up my experience in one word… Brilliant. —Damian

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