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“MYSMILE Whitening Toothpaste takes the guesswork out of caring for your teeth. It has the power to whiten by gently removing stains, with the ability to protect and nourish. It works, because I’ve made sure it does.” – Dr Uchenna



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Taking Care of Your Teeth Shouldn’t be a Hassle

Finding the right oral care products to achieve a bright and joyful smile also improves overall oral health. Confidence in your teeth makes you smile more and we’re all for that at MYSMILE!

Introducing MYSMILE by Dr. Uchenna

Dr. Uchenna Okoye has been an expert in transforming smiles for over 25 years. Driven by a passion to give people confidence in their smiles every day, as Clinical Director of London Smiling Dental Group, she has developed a professional brightening and whitening using her expertise and knowledge – MYSMILE by Dr. Uchenna.

“MYSMILE…takes the guesswork out of caring for your teeth. It has the power to whiten by gently removing stains, with the ability to protect and nourish. It works, because I’ve made sure it does.”

– Dr. Uchenna.

The MYSMILE Difference

MYSMILE is a whitening and brightening tooth care system designed by dentist and oral care expert, Dr. Uchenna, to give gleaming, confident and healthy smiles. As the official dentist for popular reality TV show, 10 Years Younger, Dr. Uchenna has formulated MYSMILE to protect, strengthen and nourish your teeth. When you smile more, so does everyone else 😊

I was inspired to create the MYSMILE range because I felt there was a real need for a clear and uncomplicated system. Oral care can be confusing because there is so much choice, but by picking the best quality ingredients based on expertise and experience I know that MYSMILE products give the best possible results.

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A Unique Look

Ever noticed that smiling is catchy? When you greet someone with a smile, they automatically smile back at you – it’s the ultimate joyful expression. MYSMILE is formulated to let you smile more by giving brighter, healthier and whiter teeth. I’ve got a beautiful limited edition African print pouch to keep all your tooth care in – it reflects my African heritage and the colourful, detailed print is called Plaque-Plaque so it was meant to be!

Key Ingredients

I use a patented blend of the finest silica to give an exfoliating cleanse to your teeth, including a cleaning booster. Not all silica is made equal, so I have chosen the very best to ensure enamel is polished, not damaged and this is still gentle on the enamel.

I have removed preservatives, which are mostly needed when a toothpaste has a high water percentage and can grow bacteria. The MySmile formula is highly concentrated, has low water content, so there is no need for this extra ingredient.

I’ve removed SLS from the formula simply because it’s not needed – in some cases, SLS can cause ulcerations, but with it gone from MySmile, there’s no worry on that front.

It’s crucial to prevent cavities – and therefore dental work you may not have needed simply from using the right products. I’ve used exactly the right amount in a biocompatible form to give cavity prevention properties.

This ingredient is crucial in helping to rebuild tooth enamel and prevent demineralisation. It’s a solid protector for the outer layers of the teeth.

I have softened the sharpness of natural peppermint with a dash of natural spearmint oil to give a lightly sweetened freshener that will cleanse your breath without burning your tongue and keep your breath fresh which many of us have struggled with due to mask wearing.

7 reviews for Whitening toothpaste

  1. Kaye B (verified owner)

    I sent for this having read the reviews. They are true! My teeth are normally fairly light, but have discoloured due to using corsodyl mouthwash following implant placement. I looked like a smoker (I’m not). Within a few days this seems to be gently lifting the stains & restoring the colour. I also like the fact that the flavour is a gentle mint, & doesn’t dry the mouth as much as other toothpastes. It’s not horrendously expensive either. Give it a try!

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    Brilliant toothpaste. Keeps all the stains away following having my teeth whitened. Great it the price of this could be lowered as this rolls out.

  3. Sara (verified owner)

    Fabulous toothpaste. Great results and taste great too. Recommended.

  4. Sarah

    I can see great results from this fantastic toothpaste – been using it for just over 2 weeks my teeth look brighter and keep that just brushed feel all day – I will be recommending to my friends and family – it is absolutely the best toothpaste I’ve ever used!

  5. Jaye (verified owner)

    Been using my new toothpaste for a good few weeks now. Great taste, I can see my mouth looking healthier. My only problem is I don’t won’t to share it. 💕💕

  6. Zoe Collyer

    What a pleasant and refreshing toothpaste to use. My teeth feel clean without the overpowering minty taste that you get from other toothpaste brands. And the tube has the added bonus of looking pretty, so I’m not hiding it away on my bathroom shelf.

  7. Peter Mason

    I have been using the toothpaste for a couple of weeks now and I love the flavour and can see a real difference already

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