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5 reviews for Whitening Pen

  1. Peter Mason

    I am not vain…honestly 😂 but the whitening pen gives your teeth an instant boost. Love the mint flavour too.

  2. K Gbolade

    My hands seem to prefer reaching for Dr Uchenna’s MySmile toothpaste instead of my usual one!! I really like the gentle clean feel it leaves. Also love the teeth whitening pen, very useful to have in my bag out and about (as a lover of coffee, teas, tomato based sauces and curries!).

  3. Louise Logan

    I can’t believe this toothpaste. I knew it would be a decent product (it’s Dr Uchenna), but it’s amazing. Most whitening toothpastes (I’ve used so many) have a similar level of result. This one is so, so much better at lifting stains and brightening. It tastes nice, feels gentle; price-tag is totally justified.

  4. Franky Ivins

    I rarely write reviews, but felt I just had to review My Smile Whitening Toothpaste. Like Dr. Uchenna herself, this toothpaste is just brilliant! I have have found it definitely whitens my teeth and knowing it has all the right ingredients that are good for my dental health is so reassuring. As an added bonus it tastes delish! I am now onto my second tube and am about to order another to make sure I am never without it. Thank you for your of all of your outstanding work and products Dr. Uchenna!


    I have gum disease but this toothpaste is lovley I’ve noticed my teeth are looking better and my mouth feels so fresh after using this it’s so nice

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18 reviews for Whitening Toothpaste

  1. Cassandra Hall (verified owner)

    I tried this after reading a review on British Beauty Blogger and I trust Jane (the writer). I’m SO glad I did! I think you do have to give it a chance, realistically it’s not going to do the job overnight, but me and my husband have both been using it for several months now and we both have noticeable results. I am very happy and won’t be without it now! Cassandra Hall

  2. Sarah

    A lovely toothpaste (hence the stars) and it started off really well, but overall, really quite disappointed that it did nothing to whiten my teeth (which had tea stains) over a course of around two months. Very expensive to carry on with to see if it would have worked over six months
    Order 28437

  3. Karen (verified owner)

    Just purchased my 2nd My Smile toothpaste. Wow, my mouth feels totally clean and protected, plus the ‘lustre’ is back on my porcelain veneers upper and lower teeth (smile makeover 11 years ago).

  4. LS (verified owner)

    I hesitated to order this thinking it was overpriced for a toothpaste. I have just ordered a second tube! A recent trip to my dentist confirmed that this is a great product when she told me that my teeth had never looked better in the 10 years she has treated me. I have Sjogren’s Syndrome and also oral lichen planus, so having a SLS free product which did not inflame my dry mouth with strong minty flavour but that did have flouride meant that all boxes have been ticked. I did not even consider the whitening properties but I am astounded how much whiter my teeth are looking. I really cannot praise this product enough but I do think it is a bit overpriced😅 how about a loyalty scheme Dr Uchenna?

  5. Bpr (verified owner)

    I LOVE this toothpaste — and so does my daughter. My oral health is pretty good but since using this toothpaste my mouth feels fresher without the artificial over powering “mint” taste the regular toothpastes have. Definitely a repeat customer.

  6. Janet Smith (verified owner)

    I am nearly at the end of my first tube of “My Smile”. Since the price is easily treble the price for a ‘normal’ tube of toothpaste, it is time for a bit of evaluation.
    It does have a smooth paste, it does get rid of stains, I’m not sure about the protection and re-enamelization. This is possibly because my teeth are well past their youthful flush, I am 83, but I still like to flash a sparkly smile! However, cleaning with my usual brand made me realise how brash in texture and flavouring it was in comparison. So I am signing up for another tube.

  7. Temi (verified owner)

    I feel bad, because it seems I am the only one to leave a negative review. I therefore guess my review will probably be removed. Sadly, after about 6 weeks, of using it did not work for me My teeth are brighter but not whiter. I also have splotchy white patches on several teeth, sore tongue and sore throat so I have stopped using it. It might work, AFTER professional tooth whitening for maintenance, but as a stand-alone product it did not work for me

  8. Amy

    Dr Uchenna’s new toothpaste is amaaaaazing!! Smooth on the tongue and has a lovely light, mint taste. Not heavy and cloying like many. Best of all, my tea-stained teeth are already looking better after just a few weeks of regular brushing. Love it!

  9. Isobel

    I love this toothpaste! All natural ingredients; and no SLS to irritate my gums. My mouth feels lovely and fresh after using it. I haven’t been using it long, but have already noticed that some of the staining on my teeth is disappearing. Well worth the money. I shall certainly be using it regularly.

  10. Brenda Proud

    I have used this tooth paste for 2 months ,all I can say is I love it❤❤❤❤

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