"London's top ten dentist" - Evening Standard | "One of the UK's leading Cosmetic Dentists" - Professional Beauty | "Without doubt the most fun I've ever had on a visit to the dentist!" - Evening Standard, Bella Blisset | "The dentist whose surgery is also a beauty parlour" - Vogue | "This is pain free dentistry that's almost as relaxing as going to a spa" - Harpers Bazaar | "The instant answer to a sexier smile" - London Lite | "Summers hottest new accessory - a million dollar smile" - Aspire Magazine | "The 24 hour perfect smile" - Femail Magazine| "One of the best cosmetic dentists in London" - Bazaar Business Magazine | "Responsible for putting the sparkle into smiles" - Pride Magazine | "Dr. Okoye has perfected the smile of many a celeb" - Sunday Mirror | "Teeth care and cosmetic dentistry in a spa environment" - Red Magazine | "The UK's leading expert in general and cosmetic dentistry" - Village Magazine | "She has brought dentistry into the 21st century" - Woman & Health | "For a pearly smile pay a visit to Dr Uchenna" - Stella / Telegraph | "Designer dentist" - City AM |

Smile Gallery 2

“Uchenna has transformed my smile, with such care and attention. I can’t believe my results, she’s a wizard!!” – Paula


“I had small teeth that had worn down quite far. The treatment was comfortable and I would recommend this to friends and family… My new smile has changed my life, I am more confident. I sum up my experience in one word… Brilliant.” – Damien

“People say..no pain, no gain..Well my smile makeover was PAINLESS, yet I gained so much.  Uchenna turned my smile into a ‘Hollywood Smile’, taught me how to clean my gums and teeth properly.  Going to the dentist is no longer a dread” Sally

“I think Uchenna is the best dentist ever! Everyone is exceptionally professional, I didn’t feel any pain and the end result is Fantastic. Thanks Guys.” – Dhanu

“I am delighted with the result… thanks for making me a babe magnet!” – Kevin

“My new front crowns are fantastic, they are such a perfect match to my other teeth! As always seeing Uchenna was painless and for a nervous patient that’s saying a lot! -” Patricia


“A friend had hers done and everyone thought she had had a facelift. I found out that it was a smile makeover that had changed her appearance. I am very pleased with the results and I feel I can smile now without holding my hand in front of my mouth. I have also noticed that I am smiling a lot more and I feel more confident. Yipee!” – Suzanne


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