What are invisible braces and what does it do?

Invisalign braces are often referred to as the ultimate cosmetic brace. Invisalign is a revolutionary new way for teeth straightening without braces by using a series of nearly undetectable aligners instead of wires and brackets. The clear aligners move your teeth, week by week, millimetre by millimetre, to the desired position.

Using 3D computer technology, each of your Invisalign aligners is made to sit snugly over your teeth and unlike normal braces can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing.

How long does it take?
The process takes anywhere from six to eighteen months.



How long does it last?
The outcome is usually permanent. Adults need to wear braces for a longer duration than children, and they almost always need a permanent night-time retainer to hold the new positioning.

If there is any concern that your teeth could possibly regress, a cosmetic dentist can attach (bond) a fine wire retainer onto your teeth to ensure that they do not move later on in life.

Who has had it done?
Many adults wear braces, even into their seventies. Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Judd, and Pink are just some of the numerous famous smiles that have benefited from braces.