Sensitive Teeth

This is a common problem and at London Smiling our team will work with you to find the cause of the sensitivity – and the best solution for you.

What is tooth sensitivity?
This condition occurs when the underlying tissue of the teeth, which is called dentine, is exposed in some way. This results in pain when the exposed teeth come into contact with hot or cold food. Anyone can suffer from sensitive teeth, but it is most common in those those aged between twenty and forty.
What causes tooth sensitivity?
There are many factors, which include gum recession, tooth decay, chipped/cracked teeth, and worn teeth either from tooth grinding or eating acidic foods. One or a combination of these can cause the sensitivity, and sometimes even using the wrong mouthwash can be the cause.
How are sensitive teeth treated?
Once the cause of the problem has been identified, treatment is often straightforward. This can range from the use of special toothpastes to fixing the underlying problem, such as using cosmetic bonding to repair any chips or splints to help reduce excessive teeth grinding.