We love letters whether they come by snail mail, email, or DM; especially from satisfied customers. Here are some of our favorite testimonials:

General Dentistry

Not having been to a dentist for 15 years I was very apprehensive about having my teeth ‘fixed’. To the credit of all of the professional staff here at Gloucester Road and at Goodge Street i have not yet had any reason to be apprehensive or self-conscious about the poor state of my teeth. I now have a fully repaired set of teeth and have actually looked forward to each visit as the ‘repair job’ progressed. My thanks to all involved and i could not pass on a higher recommendation to any person who is uncertain about visiting the dentist.

Ian Rumbal

An attention to detail and patient care far superior to any dentist I have visited in the past.

Daniel Knight

As an aged customer with the utmost confidence after many years of experience of this clinic, many different appointments. They are always successful and very efficient and considerate.

Ann Searight

I didn’t need a big correction, but the procedure I had done made my appearance much better. It was a painless experience and i would recommend it to anybody who needs a bit of a boost (regardless of their age!!!). The staff were really professional and friendly and knew exactly what they were doing, so my advice is… Relax, go ahead – do it!!! You’re in safe hands with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Uchenna is the best dentist that I have been to. She makes you feel relaxed, so that coming to the dentist is no longer anything to worry about. She is also cutting-edge in terms of her knowledge of the latest and best dental techniques. I have been delighted with my composites and whitening. This really is a great practice and i have recommended it to my friends and family. After years – well practically my whole life – trying to hide my teeth when i talked or smiled, for the first time i can relax and smile openly. I can’t believe the difference, which still looks natural, a life changer! Thank you so much!


London Smiling’s Atmosphere

Coming here to see Uchenna is always so lovely. It actually doesn’t feel like you’re at the dentist. The ambience is very relaxing and welcoming. Anyone who dreads visiting a dentist should come here, as Uchenna’s warm smile would put even the most worried at ease. I’ve always NOT looked forward to dental visits, but Jasmine’s cheerfulness and the soothing mood music have combined to make the series of treatments almost (!) a pleasure. Very grateful. Thank you!

Melanie Quinn

Always a relaxed atmosphere, which eases the process. Air of efficiency, which is reassuring.

Margaret McCann

It’s so nice to go to the dentist where everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed but very much professional. Thank you team!

Emma Fielding

The best dentist is this one because I wore glasses that have a mini TV and nothing at all hurt me. And the people at smile centre are so kind. Thank you so so much.

Ben Sombot (8 years old)

Very smiley, kind staff. Relaxed atmosphere. Was my first visit to the dentist and I enjoyed the cool hi-tech equipment.

Marie Rose 


Uchenna was marvellous, put me at my ease and talked everything through with me before my treatment. I had my teeth whitened which only took ¾ of an hour and the results have been fantastic, going 14 shades whiter. I used the trays at home which were comfortable enough to sleep in. I had my gums contoured and that didn’t hurt at all, just a smell of burning flesh. Also had some enamel plasty without any injections, and i never felt a thing. The end result is fantastic. Thank you Uchenna, I’ve got a smile to be proud of.

Mel Smith

Super result. Really even colour and much whiter but not too blingy. Hardly any discomfort. Just a little ache one night but after a couple of days rest I was able to continue the process comfortably. Definitely worth doing. Very easy.

Dawn Gaskell

This is the best thing I have ever done I can smile with confidence. This treatment is painless effortless and very quick wearing trays in bed at night once they are in forget about them till morning I would recommend this treatment to everyone. Thank you very very much.

Lorna Clark

Just a quick note to say thank you soo much for looking after me recently. It was quite a change to actually look forward to going to the dentist! I am thrilled with the results of my laser whitening. I’d have no hesitation in recommending your practice – and in fact every time I see you or your practice in the media, I have to remind everyone listening that that’s my dentist! If, in the future, there are new technological treatments you need a guinea pig for – please shout!! If you could e-mail over a before and after picture I’d be extremely grateful – and please delete the rest!

Ruth Sharvell

Cosmetic Dentures

When I first came to London Smiling I had very badly fitting dentures and also looked bad. It protruded also sticking out so couldn’t eat properly and my smile was crooked. Since February 07 when I started wearing a denture my confidence just slowly went. Uchenna told me at the beginning of my treatments she would give me my smile back. Today she has done just that exactly as she said she would. Its fantastic, fits really well and is really comfortable to wear and doesn’t jut out. It feels so so good. The staff at smile centre are all so welcoming and put you at ease. I cant thank Uchenna enough for what she has done I now believe I have regained the confidence I lost.

Marilynn Cooke

What an incredible journey. “Was I a bag of nerves?” Yes. After a while I soon realized everyone wanted to help me to achieve my dreams. To be able to eat in public, to smile again. Go with the experience, ride through the bad times, enjoy the good times, remember the end results “A beautiful smile”.



I just wanted to write and thank you and your excellent team for the cosmetic dentistry I have just concluded over the last three weeks. This was the second time that I had a new crown replacing an existing one. The procedure this time was painless and comfortable, a far cry from the previous occasion at another dentist in London. Needless to say I am delighted with the end results. It is virtually impossible to tell of the two main front teeth which is the crown and which is the real tooth. This is I believe entirely down to the excellent advice given to me and incredible skills of Dr Uchenna Okoye who carried out the work. Once again thank you all very much for everything and I will no longer be terrified if I ever have to have any future cosmetic work done!

Michael Clarke

Coming here has been an amazing experience. I’ve often been scared of the dentist and worry about being humiliated and told off by the dentist before they begin to fix things. Uchenna has been the most charming, charismatic and thoughtful dentist I have ever met. This experience has been more like a series of pampering appointments. My teeth are in a much better state and i now feel proud to smile. Thank you so much!

Clare Kilner


How bizarre – i actually enjoyed a visit to the dentist… and this included a billing! The DVD goggle thing is fantastic. I was so absorbed in David Attenborough that (and I can’t believe I’m going to say this) It would have been good if the filling took 10 more minutes! Very happy patient.


Wonderful! Relaxing pain-free appointments every time. Easy to arrange appointments and service is to a high standard. She’s excellent with my daughter, who no longer fears dentists!

Natalie Mierswa

My experience at the clinic was amazing. All the staff are really polite and graceful. Dr. Okoye is by far the best dentist i have seen, and i have seen quite a few – problem teeth, you see. All the best.

Tom Grant

I enjoyed coming here! Found the staff very attentive and pleasant to talk to. Definately the best experience at the dentist ever! It’s always immaculate and smells incredible in here. Watching Frasier while getting a filling made the time fly by – and i was actually laughing!