I battled bulimia for years & eroded my teeth – I was made to look 10 years younger

A WOMAN who battled bulimia for most of her adult life was shocked after seeing her new appearance on 10 Years Younger in 10 days.


NHS handler Lorna, 50, had been left with eroded teeth due to her eating disorder and didn’t feel happy at all with how she looked.

Lorna said: “I first started having bulimia when I was about 20, I felt really low and really miserable.

“I tried to make myself happier by comfort eating but I became scared that I may gain a lot of weight, so after eating a lot I was sick.

“I was always aware of trying to find ways to hide it. I’d play music in the bathroom, you’d just try to make sure no one could smell it on you.”

Three years ago, Lorna sought out the professional help she needed, but she has constant reminders of what she put her body through over the decades.

Lorna continued: “Although I have overcome bulimia, I have a lot of insecurities about myself, I don’t feel happy in how I look.

“It has ruined my teeth, I don’t like to go around smiling. I have been told in the past I have a resting b***h face.”

Lorna sought help from the Channel 5 team, who asked the public to guess her age – and the average answer was 59.

When she was told the result, Lorna was shocked, and said: “I’ve managed to combat my bulimia but it’s when I look in the mirror I still have the reminders.”

Lorna 10 Years Younger Sun article

The first step the team took to help her was to book her in for a dentist visit to get dentures, veneers and crowns.

Dr Uchenna Okoye said: “Because of bulimia, the acid has eroded the enamel.”

When her new set of pearly teeth were revealed, Lorna was left emotional.

Lorna gushed: “Oh my god, I’ve got teeth.

“This is a massive step to finding a new Lorna, I really am feeling much more confident.”

10 Years Younger Lorna Before
10 Years Younger Lorna After
10 Years Younger Lorna
10 Years Younger Lorna close up

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