Tooth Whitening and the right questions

Nov 28, 2020Tips

You have dark-stained teeth, you avoid looking directly in the mirror as you can’t face seeing your teeth.

Their colour reminds you more of daffodils than lilies and you finally decide it’s time to whiten them…good idea? Definitely! This is actually one of my favourite treatments, no one minds coming to see me for treatment that day.

Whiter teeth have been shown to make you look younger, more attractive, more intelligent and above all boost confidence; what’s not to like!

However, before you get it done, make sure the right person is doing it for you. It is a totally safe procedure, as long as it is carried out by dental professionals; in fact it is illegal if anyone else does it for you!

So stay safe and make sure you ask the following questions before handing over your money:


My Top Questions to Ask

Are you registered with the GDC (General Dental Council)?

If the answer is no, then bolt! Only registered professionals are allowed to do teeth whitening

Which dental school did you train in?

Another subtle way to check they are fully qualified.

Will you carry out a comprehensive exam before we go ahead with treatment? – You want to be sure any problems are dealt with first, can include anything from cavities to gum disease

What if I have problems during the treatment?

Check that there is a contingency plan, as it’s when problems occur that experience matters

How much experience have you had doing this treatment?

There is no problem in asking questions, any good dentist will welcome them, at London Smiling we truly love talking teeth!

So please send me any questions you might have!

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