From a Lifetime of Stained Teeth to a Dazzling Smile Bursting Confidence

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Meet Tracy, 54, a supermarket worker from Exeter, who has spent the last five years of her struggling to find her spark. Not only is Tracy unconfident about herself and her appearance, but she also seems to have given up on “finding herself” – until three years ago, when she made two major life-changing decisions. The first was leaving her 20-year old marriage, and the second was losing the weight she had gained from binge eating, drinking whole bottles of wine, and smoking an average of 20 cigarettes every day.

Ready to start a new chapter in her life and find her spark, Tracy seeks the help of the 10 Years Younger team. With just ten days to transform her looks and up her confidence, the team starts with the feature Tracy is most insecure about – her teeth.

“The discolouration of my teeth is, I think, because I used to smoke a lot and drinking lots of tea.” She says.


The first stop is celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Uchenna Okoye, responsible for the dazzling smiles of many celebrities and whose expertise has restored confidence to many smiles. Contrary to Tracy’s belief, Dr. Okoye identifies the underlying cause of Tracey’s teeth problems as tetracycline – a type of antibiotic used to treat children. Consequently, this antibiotic stains the teeth by creating stripes of different colours.

To give Tracy that picture-perfect smile, Dr. Okoye replaces the top set of teeth with veneers and uses laser whitening on the bottom to give the teeth a uniform colour. The entire procedure is estimated at around £400, but it is worth every pound because when Tracy stares into the mirror, she is overwhelmed with joy. Her teeth are sparkling white, and the dull, yellowed teeth are nowhere to be found.


She exclaims excitedly: “Oh my god. Is that me? They are perfect. I am gleaming with confidence at the minute. I can’t stop smiling.”

After fixing her teeth, the team then proceeds to spruce up Tracey’s wardrobe with fashion stylist Gemma Sheppard. In the end, you can see Tracy confidently grinning from ear-to-ear, but most importantly, her spark is back!


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  1. Emma Houghton

    I have watched the 10 years younger eposdode with cherry and her amazing teeth whitening! I would like to book exactly what she had, if you can tell me what I need to book that would be great! Thanks loads x