Celebrities And Their Dentists

Dec 13, 2020News0 comments

What is the first thing you notice whenever a celebrity appears in front of the camera? Usually not their outfit (unless they have committed some type of fashion faux pas) It is always their high wattage, fabulous smile.

What is little understood is how much work goes into creating and maintaining such a perfect smile. Very few people are born with such perfect smiles but with the help of an experienced cosmetic dentist you can be beaming too. Whether it is teeth whitening through to a full smilemakeover, cosmetic dentistry is now available to everyone. 

Lindsey After

Lindsay Lohan before

Lindsey Before

Have you noticed the new trend in celebrities showing off their dentists? It’s gone beyond simply telling people about which dentist they go to, to actually tweeting pictures from the dental surgery that they’re having treatment in! It can be very reassuring for any nervous people who can clearly see that their favourite celebrities have to go through the same dental care routine as everyone else.

So when you go in to your dentist next time, just remember, your favourite celebs have to do this too!

Here are my top tips of what even the celebs have to do to keep those teeth in tip top shape


1. SWITCH TO POWER – Invest in an electric toothbrush. I use the analogy of using the washing machine to clean clothes versus washing them by hand. Both will get your clothes clean, but the machine does it so much better and faster. Studies have shown that you remove twice as much plaque when you use an electrical toothbrush compared to a manual one.

2. QUIT THE FAGS-Tobacco produces toxins that damage your mouth tissue and also kills the good cells in your mouth that fight disease. Most people in the UK lose their teeth because of gum disease and smoking is directly linked to this.

3. RECHARGE WITH FLUORIDE-Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to attack by plaque bacteria. You must apply it daily on the tooth surface to have maximum effect. This is easily done if you use a fluoride toothpaste and rinse aily with a Fluoride mouthwash.

4.CHEW SUGAR FREE GUM– Look for gum that contains xylitol eg Orbit complete as it helps prevent cavities forming

5 THE ‘F’ WORD- Floss the teeth you want to keep! Floss is the only way to clean properly between your teeth