Do you know that not every time you need to put on makeup to look beautiful? Your beautiful and perfect smile is enough to reflect your natural beauty, of course! But are you worried about the stains on your teeth that prevent you from smiling openly? Don’t be anymore! With MYSMILE Whitening Range, including a whitening pen and tooth whitening toothpaste, it’s possible. You can get back your bright smile again!

MYSMILE Whitening Pen

Picture this: You have a party to attend. You are almost ready. From your makeup to your outfits, everything shines, but what about your teeth? Need an instant whitening solution? With MYSMILE Whitening pen, you can brighten your teeth instantly while whitening them over time! And the best part is that this whitening pen is too handy to put in your purse. You can see our Instagram page to see how it looks.

The MYSMILE Whitening Pen is a convenient solution for a brighter, confident smile. It instantly brightens teeth while also re-mineralizing them. Whether you need a quick touch-up before an event, a refreshing boost throughout the day or a top-up between whitening appointments, this beauty-dental hybrid is a great addition to your handbag.

Do you know how this small whitening pen works? Let us tell you!

MYSMILE Whitening Pen provides a non-stick coating for your teeth, giving them a brighter and more sparkling appearance. Also, it protects your enamel and prevents lipstick stains on your teeth throughout the day or night. When looking for a smart and effective solution for a dazzling smile, it’s the one you should go for!

However, you need to know how to use this whitening pen correctly to ensure the optimal result instantly. See here:

  • Clean your teeth and dry them with a paper towel.
  • Apply a thin gel layer from the whitening pen directly onto the tooth.
  • Smile for a minute so the gel dries quickly.

If you want to add a touch-up and boost your smile instantly, follow these steps:

  • Simply, dry your teeth with a paper towel and apply the gel directly onto the tooth.
  • If you have to attend any special events, start treating your teeth daily for the week ahead of your occasion.

Anyway, while wishing to brighten between the gum and the inside of your mouth, place a wool (cotton) above that area to avoid moisture and keep it dry so it doesn’t interfere with the whitening formula. Once you have dried the spot, apply the gel on the targeted tooth and leave them for twenty minutes.

MYSMILE Whitening Toothpaste

Another whitening solution is this one- MYSMILE Whitening toothpaste. It is an easy and effective way to care for your teeth. Its gentle formula removes stains to whiten your teeth while protecting and nourishing them. With its ability to whiten, protect, and nourish, you can trust that it works as it’s been made to work.

Just like MYSMILE Whitening pen, this toothpaste contains safe and premium whitening agents, hydroxyapatite, and fluoride but with no SLS and preservatives. But for optimal results, you have to brush twice a day but without rinsing to bring out your bright smile again! Follow us on Twitter for more information about this whitening toothpaste.

However, you can also go for another product- MYSMILE Smile Bundle! Here, you will receive all your smile-enhancing products bundled together. Or you can even present someone with this gift and put a smile on their face! It contains a whitening pen, whitening toothpaste, and even a travel bag to carry MYSMILE whitening range. On our Facebook page, you can see pictures of it!

So, why wait, contact us to grab our MYSMILE whitening products now!