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The battle of the toothpastes

You may have read an article in the Daily Mail this week that discussed commercial toothpastes and if they contain substances and chemicals that could be harmful to your health. I had the pleasure of being interviewed for this article and shared my views and opinions on what toothpaste ingredients may or may not cause damage to your oral and overall health. Read the article here: http://dailym.ai/1ELjGuG









There are so many toothpastes available to you that it’s often really difficult to choose.  Is there really a difference between all of them?  Is it worth buying a branded one or will any old thing do? There is so much choice so here are some tips for choosing the right toothpaste:

FLUORIDE – It’s your champion as it coats your teeth and helps protect them from attack from plaque bacteria.  This is going to happen… as long as you eat 🙂 So by brushing with fluoride you are giving your tooth enamel extra ammunition.  It doesn’t matter the brand, as long as this ingredient is in the paste.

STAIN REMOVERS – Many pastes now have products to help repel stains. If you are flossing regularly this really does help as it prevents stains building in between your teeth. Everyone always asks me about whitening toothpastes and the best way to think of them is as stain removers.  You need to be careful to pick one that is not too abrasive.  I recommend OralB’s  3D White Luxe Glamorous Shine. It removes stains but most importantly it helps prevent new stains forming and it’s very gentle.

KIDS – It’s really important to buy kids their own toothpaste, don’t be tempted to share yours! With very young kids often they just eat most of the toothpaste so make sure you only give them a tiny smear.  Once adult teeth have started to come through, and certainly by about age 8 (which is actually the time I recommend they can be left to brush without adult supervision) then switch to an adult paste.


Happy Brushing!

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Winter blues

I’m really feeling the winter blues at this point, all though I must admit that the weather has been lovely here in London recently, just very cold! During my morning commute I find myself dreaming of white beaches and warm weather. Just the thought of not having to layer up in bundles of clothing makes me smile!

I recently read an article by Stylist Magazine that made me long for summer even more as it featured ‘Ten of the world’s most spectacular beaches’. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/1ErO6Sw

Aren’t the photos just amazing?! Have you visited any of these beautiful places?

One of my all-time favourite holiday destinations is the Maldives. A week there always feels like two, highly recommend it.  My favourite hotel so far? Constance Halaveli.  Amaaaaaazing customer service, something that’s so important to me and always inspires me to do more for my guests when I get home.  It’s all about the experience which is why we give you movies to watch and burn aromatherapy candles rather than the usual dental smell!

Feel The Luxury at Constance Halaveli Maldives Resort











I would love it if your shared your favourite holiday destinations with me for some holiday 2015 inspiration! Just leave a comment below 🙂

I’m off to dream…

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Uchenna’s top 3 skincare tips


I have just had a follow up consultation with the wonderful dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting and I leave learned a lot from her over the past year.  Check her out on www.drsambunting.com

I am actually really lazy when it comes to looking after my skin but as I get older I recognise how important it is as I definitely do not intend to be one of those that age gracefully!

I don’t know about you but winter has really taken a toll on my skin but I try my best to keep it moisturised and protected which I have noticed really pays off. I can’t wait for these cold winds to leave my skin alone and instead bless it with some sunlight but remember SPF doesn’t just protect your skin from getting sun burnt it also protects your skin from pollution and other harmful free radicals which all can lead to premature ageing. So the key here is to remember that sun cream isn’t just for the beach, add it to your daily skincare routine all year around and your skin will be thanking you!

This leads me to my next skincare tip – a regular, daily skincare routine. I know, just like with brushing your teeth it can sometimes be a pain and you’d rather just hit the bed straight away but this is a BIG no no! Sleeping with makeup on, or even just not making your skincare routine an occurring thing can create an imbalance in your skin. Also, to see any results from anti-ageing products or the like you must use them continuously.

Now this one many seem to underestimate but too little sleep is a big reason for breakouts and dull looking skin. I know it’s difficult with busy work schedules, children and much more but a good night’s sleep does wonders to your skin and it’s FREE 😉

I hope you all have a wonder weekend, until next time…

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4 small & simple changes for a healthier 2015

A lot of the time it’s the little things that matter! I know many of you probably are trying to live a healthier lifestyle in 2015, it might even have been your New Year’s resolution, so I thought I’d share with you the little changes you can make to your daily habits for better health in the months to come. It’s easy-peasy!

beach 2015

1. Be desk active!

Sitting down at your desk all day, every day can give you horrible posture, bad blood circulation and make you tired. Try to take short 1 minute breaks throughout the day – a short walk up and down the stairs or a bit of stretching will do wonders!

2. A new bag a day keeps the doctor away!

If you tend to use the same handbag every day for months just because it’s too much of a hassle to swap your important items around take note! When we carry the same bag every day we tend to carry it on the same arm or shoulder. Try to use a backpack if you can or alternate your handbag from one arm or shoulder to the other to avoid shoulder and neck pain, also make sure your bag isn’t too heavily packed. Perhaps an excuse to treat yourself to a new handbag?!

3. Bare your feet!

Your feet are what carry you around every day and sometimes they just need a bit of rest. Shoes can be a strain on your feet so let them out as often as possible. Walking barefoot will let you stand taller and with better posture as well stimulate the soles of your feet, reawakening your body and improving your health!

4. Brush, wash and smile!

No one likes bad breath or food in their teeth so why not carry a travel toothbrush and a mini mouthwash in your handbag? Quickly pop out to the bathroom after your lunch for a quick brush, wash and smile. This way you’ll also keep your oral & dental health up to par in the New Year!

All the best in the New Year!

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Have yourself a chocolaty Christmas!

We all know that Christmas is one of the sweetest times of the year with all that chocolate munching and we all love it, including me! However, we also know that sugar is bad for your teeth and what does chocolate mostly contain? That’s right, sugar! So I thought I’d share with you my top tips for protecting your pearly whites and your children’s this very chocolaty season.

box-of-chocolates-630x3321. Eat it all at one!

Yes, it’s better to eat it ALL in one go – I’m sure the little ones will be thrilled about this. As it takes over an hour for the mouth to rebalance after the sugar attack it’s not good to keep snacking here and there. Instead, make it fun, just like opening the Christmas gifts and once the time is up, get rid of the leftovers.

2. Brush BEFORE chocolate!

There might be an odd flavour at first but this means that your teeth are clean, have had a protective blast of fluoride and there’s less of the plaque bacteria that cause damage to your smile.

3. Do NOT brush after your chocolate feast!

The enamel of your teeth are most vulnerable after the sugar blast, brushing will only cause more damage. Rinse out with water, milk or best of all a fluoride mouthwash to restore the balance in your mouth.

4. Parents, lend a hand!

Make sure you brush your kid’s teeth in the evening, everyone up to the age of 8 years. I know it can be a hassle as they usually don’t tend to like it but this way you can ensure everything is squeaky clean. The night time brushing session is the most important as there is less saliva being produced. Don’t forget to do yours too!

Happy holidays everyone!

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My Christmas wish list

Hi everyone,

With Christmas just around the corner I’m sure you can agree that there are a million things to think about – decorations, presents, food etc. I find shopping for Christmas presents can be fun but also traumatising at the same time. That’s why I believe in lists! Although surprising someone with a gift they aren’t expecting is great, I struggle with time.

For birthdays I try to go the extra mile, however during Christmas I politely ask for wish lists, that way everyone is happy. This year, I thought I’d share my own Christmas wish list with all of you. You could use it as inspiration for your own list or perhaps as a gift guide for someone who isn’t quite sure of what they want this Christmas. Read more


My party season makeup tips

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all looking forward to the party season as much as I am or perhaps yours has already started… You, just like me, might find yourself struggling to find the perfect outfits, the matching makeup and how to best wear your hair but I have come to the conclusion that things don’t always have to be so complicated. If you have several Christmas parties to attend this winter don’t spend all your money on new dresses and shoes – what’s in your makeup bag can help you look effortlessly chic whatever the outfit! The little black dress is as known always a safe option and definitely one I tend to opt for – throw in a trendy makeup look, perhaps one you haven’t tried before and you’re sure to be turning heads this festive season.

Keep calm and wear lipstick – a classic red, a bright pink or one of this year’s favourites – a vampy, deep purple as seen on the beautiful Emma Watson below. The great thing about this is also that a blue toned lipstick will make your teeth look whiter. Keep the eye makeup subtle and it won’t feel over the top. It’s simple but elegant! Read more


4 style tips on how to stay fashionable and warm at the same time this winter

There’s definitely a certain ‘nip’ in the air and reluctantly I have to accept that summer is finally over.  Can’t complain, its been a great one and actually I’m looking forward to covering it all up.  I think winter dressing is actually easier and as I start to bring my wellies to centre stage again this year I thought it would be fun to write about my thought’s on a fashionista winter 🙂

1. Layer it!

Layering is an art that I’m still working on as a traditionalist. Like the old saying, meat and two veg, I was taught that you put on your thick winter coat and that was that…BUT layering is a fashion statement in itself and means it’s ok to wear a whole host of sheer clothes and yet stay warm!

2. Wrap it up!

I love an easy life. Wraps, ponchos, scarfs – they’re right on trend and they’ll keep you wrapped up and warm! They add something interesting but more importantly, one sweep over the head and I’m done. Read more


Children’s poor dental health

There’s been so much in the press lately about children’s unhealthy teeth and whether schools and nurseries should step in to help treat this common problem.

Unfortunately, more than 1 in 10 three-year-old’s in England have rotten teeth . It’s hard to believe that the main reason that kid’s have general anesthetics in hospitals is to have teeth extracted and what makes it worse, it’s usually totally preventable.

New guidelines by NICE for England say nurseries and schools should consider introducing supervised tooth-brushing and fluoride varnishing programmes.

They feel the reason behind the high numbers of children with poorly kept teeth is e that parents don’t see the importance of keeping milk teeth healthy as they will fall out eventually anyways. Hmm, I’m not convinced that the majority of parents think this way.

ALL teeth are vitally important, even baby ones.  They help guide the adult teeth into the right place  which means less likely need for braces.  Also kids are cruel and I often have parents asking if I can help because their children are being teased for missing or stained teeth.

My top tips?

  1. CUT OUT SUGAR.  Seems so simple but in this I have to say I blame the adults.  Babies are NOT born with a sweet tooth
  2. Adult needs to brush at least once a day until kids are about 8 years old. The night time brush is the most important
  3. Use disclosing tablets to teach kids the areas they are missing.  Key is to use it AFTER brushing to learn the areas that are being missed (great tips for adults also!)
  4. Take kids to the dentist regularly…as soon as the first teeth appear. This way they are likely to be scared of the dentist.  If you are a phobic (like me!) ask someone else to take them so your fear is not transferred

If you want to know more, here is a great link to an excellent article by the BBC.

Lots of love,

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween weekend is here and you might be struggling to come up with clever costume ideas or you might not just be that into the fancy dress thing… Then I’ve got the perfect solution for you! There’s SO much you can do with the makeup you might already have in your makeup bag – there’s really no need for expensive costumes and theatre makeup.

Black eyeliner – you can get really creative with a black eyeliner, either it be a simple kohl pencil or a liquid liner. Use it to create a cat face – flicked eyeliner, whiskers and a little button nose.

Red Lipstick – use a red lipstick to create a vampy witch look or why not as blood on your face and body?! The sky is the limit here!

Colours – get out all those crazy colours you never use in the bottom of your makeup drawer – eyeshadows, eyepencils, nail polishes etc. Get your imagination flowing and make yourself into a colourful clown, a vibrant peacock or simply a cool rainbow eye look similar to the one below.

london smiling

Happy Halloween to you all!
Love, Uchenna